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Vinyl, the trendy buzzword for records, continues to maintain its staying power. Sales for new pressings of classic rock albums and new albums being released in the vinyl format continued to climb last year according to the Discogs website which is a buy and sell marketplace strictly for music collectors. It isn’t all about new releases in this old format.

The Brass Armadillo is constantly selling vinyl albums in Omaha Vinylon a day by day basis. We see collectors of all types. Speaking personally as a collector for 17 years, I’ve seen this transition. The hobby of collecting vinyl records isn’t just a “boys club” anymore. When I first started going to vinyl record shows in Omaha at least ten years ago, the sellers and the buyers were vastly male and older than I was. There weren’t as many female collectors like myself as there are today.

VinylI’ve seen much more variety in collectors at the recent record shows and at the Brass Armadillo. We even have an elementary age boy who comes in to the Brass and buys Elvis records. Collecting vinyl records is no longer “just a new trend” as we continue to watch it grow in popularity throughout the last couple years.