Murphy-Style Bathtub

Check out this very unique item that just sold here at the Kansas City Brass
Armadillo it is a Murphy style folding bathtub with its own detachable hot water heater.
Who would have thought. Apparently after the 1800’s bathing daily became much more
popular with the average person. The ad that is with this blog is for a Mosely tub. The
one that just sold had no noticeable name but it is cool. Mr. Phil Huntsinger is now the
proud owner and he was excited to make this find. He said that he has been looking for
one like this for years and he was so happy as to how complete it was and the great

The Mosely Folding Bath Company advertised a folding bath in the 1895
Montgomery Ward Catalog. The tub was cleverly disguised as a mirrored wardrobe,
folded down and out of its wood casing. A similar product by Bruschke & Ricke’s
combined a sofa and bathtub. The sofas back concealed a water tank and heater, while the
seat unfolded and you now had a bathtub. Often, large rubber aprons that protected the
wood or carpeted floor. Accounts of igniting sofas and burned bathers eventually
curtailed the product’s appeal. without plumbing or pipes, the used bath water had to be
drained into a basin and then required somebody to empty.

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