What’s coming in Big for Spring 2018

Repurposing and upcycling has been the Spring Displaytrend for quiet some time. You would normally see all types and styles of vintage pieces being used in a variety of ways, and with a lot of color.
The trend is continuing however in a simplified way.
Vintage gardeners are using larger rustic pieces versus multiple, an example is one or two larger vintage galvanized tubs filled with wild flowers instead of multiple. Keeping the look simple and not so busy.
Spring DisplayIf you are choosing to use multiple vintage pieces the trend is simplifying the flower, using more greenery, lemon grass, sedums and lavender are some of the trends for the season. This makes for a great statement for the vintage garden yet keeps it eye appealing.
Either way, remember less is more and Spring Displaysimplified is the trend for the 2018 spring season.
Spring Display