Color Trends for 2018

Antique enthusiasts, vintage shop owners, and vintage home designers are seeing a change from the heavily rustic farm style for the home to a softer farm style using color and painting techniques. 2018 Color Trends

—   For an example,  heavily chippy cupboards are being softened with chalk paint techniques and more neutral shades. Leaving traces of the chippy appearance but with a more blended look. Also they are also seeing softer neutral shades coming in to give the room a cozier feel.

2018 Color TrendsRetro is maintaining its place in 2018 color trends for home decor. With Arcadia said to being one of the biggest colors of the year according to New York Trends fashion and furniture trends experts and Pantone Color Institute.

      So, in my research what I am seeing is that farm style for your home will remain big for the 2018 year and retro, well, retro is just what it is, a forever classic!
2018 Color Trends2018 Color Trends