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Sometimes in the world of antiques, items need that little extra boost to find their home. Far and wide, people search for their cherished treasures, using every source at their disposal to achieve their collecting goals. Stove Top Oven We at the Brass Armadillo are looking to make that process as simple and easy as possible with our iAntique and Craigslist Classified ads reaching people throughout the world, as well as our Dealer Appreciation Event.

The Dealer Appreciation Event is a great opportunity for our dealers to highlight some special new items they have for sale. The dealers have 3 chances to list items with the Dealer Appreciation Event and if those items sell during the promotion, no mall commission is taken! It is especially exciting with the higher priced items.

Take this fantastic Stove Top Ornament for example. This item was recently entered by the dealer into the event, which meant it would be listed online. It was listed on iAntique and Craigslist on a Sunday evening. Before the store opened the next day, a customer had found the iAntique listing in a Google search and called in to purchase it. The person lived about 3 hours away and had not heard of the store.

Through these various tools, someone was able to find a relatively obscure and hidden item. It was on the top shelf of a locked showcase, somewhat occluded by equally unique and fantastic antiques and collectibles. The ornament was possibly not totally apparent to passersby.

Stove Top OvenIt is a Win-Win-Win situation, the customers are able to access items that may be unknown to them otherwise, the Mall brings in new shoppers, and the dealers not only sell the item with no commission under the Dealer Appreciation Event, but also attract more people to their spaces from all over with the excitement of selling not just the listed item.

It is not just about selling antiques and collectibles, it is about connecting people. Through these services we provide at the Brass Armadillo Antique Malls, we make sure no antique goes unloved!

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