January 10  12:00 Noon   Lunch & Learn   Hosted by the QUESTERS. Learn about Questers, an organization for those who like antiques and wish to restore / preserve historical places and things.   Hear a mini program about several unusual antiques.  Bring Your Own Lunch.    Meet like minded people.

January 17   Dealer Meeting – Monthly Dealer Meeting 6PM

January 12 thru 15  Preferred Customer Sale!
 Everything in the mall is 15% off.  To receive your 15% off notification, visit us at www.brassarmadillo.com.  Or just ask the friendly staff to sign up for the 15% off everything in the mall notification.  Come and explore the many aisles of antique and collectibles, vintage and other unique finds.


February is Vintage Decorating and Repurposing Month   We love to see older items being used in a new and inviting way.  We will be promoting repurposed items.  Watch for our 20% off sales this month for the Vintage Decorating and Repurposing Month.


February 14  Happy Valentine’s Day!  20% off EVERYTHING on Valentine’s Day.  Come and get the special person a thoughtful and unique gift.


February 19 President’s Day!   Today is 20% off everything in the mall.


March 9-10-11  Happy Anniversary to the Phoenix West Brass Armadillo Store in Goodyear! We’re having a celebration at both stores!  It is a free t-shirt weekend, plus 15% off everything is the store.  We will be giving away ten Anniversary t-shirts every hour during each of the three-days.  Come and celebrate with us on our Anniversary!  On Saturday, we will be serving up hot dogs and chips from 11 a.m. till gone.  On Sunday, we will be serving Anniversary Cake and Punch till gone.


March 31  SALE: 25% Off Anything in LOCKED SHOWCASES.


April 1  Happy Easter !  Stop in and sign up for a chance to win a $25 dollar gift card.  We are giving a $25 gift card every hour.  Come to the Brass Armadillo and enjoy the aisles and aisles of antiques, collectibles, vintage and so much more.  Remember the $25 gift card every hour!