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Typewriters Live On

Rasmus Malling-Hansen is not a household name these days, but he was responsible for inventing a new type of technology: the Malling-Hansen ‘Writing Ball’. This was the first commercially produced typewriter.

According to the International Rasmus Malling-Hansen Society: “The writing ball was not only the first typewriter to be produced and sold in a relatively large quantity, it is also the fastest typewriter ever made, because of the unique construction of the ‘ball’.Word Processor With Spell Check

It’s been over a thousand years since the original writing ball and typewriters were invented, but those original designs are still incorporated in today’s technology. Computers, laptops and mobile devices use the original QWERTY-keyboard that was first originated towards the end of the 18th century.

Typewriters have evolved into the digital world when the personal computing devices took hold.  The term “Word Processor” replaced typewriter and allowed users to check the spelling in their document.

So, what’s happening with all the old typewriters?  Many of them are still being used today, many as office decorations.

As their condition deteriorates, and they no longer have a pleasant appearance; we see them disassembled and many of the parts repurposed.   Which means that the typewriter continues living!

02 January, 2017
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